Over a Cup of Tea


You gave us your feedback and we improved!

I hope our third issue annuls any doubt, if there's still any left, that Newzzit is a people's newspaper. We don't just put  our readers first, we put them first, second, third....... and so on.

Our business model makes it possible for us to concentrate only on what journalism is supposed to do, bringing relevant stories to concerned citizens.  

Though I needn't reiterate, as it is already evident from our three issues, but I will still say it.

Every fortnight Newzzit aims to bring you those stories from Singapore which are not widely discussed or reported for some reason or the other. We continue to publish without fear or favour.   

In this issue, we have two stories related to the most important event of the last fortnight, PM's National Day Rally. While there is no doubt, the PM touched quite a number of hearts by giving a compassionate speech, his government needs to urgently tackle the most pressing issue of healthcare affordability in a rapidly ageing society.

We also touch upon the “reported” concerns related to Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations going on since 2010, of which Singapore is also a part. These negotiations are being undertaken in so much secrecy that nobody is quite sure what exactly the proposals are.

In Close to Home section, we discuss the upheavals witnessed in the Thai society with its major religion, Buddhism, becoming commercialised in recent years. 

Finally, we have three stories related to the recently amended terrorism financing legislation, illegal arms trade with Iran and Singapore's arms export-import statistics. It is an irony that till now, money laundering offences used to attract more severe fines than terrorism financing offences in Singapore.

Hope you like the improved design of Newzzit. As always, feedback and criticism will be most appreciated.

We are also working on improving our website's layout. Please watch-out in coming weeks.

Till 16th then!