The world became a global village in the 21st century. Or so they tell us! Well, certainly it has become interdependent, and New Zealand more so, in-spite of its remoteness. The ongoing Greek debt crisis, slowing down of the Chinese economy, worsening security situation in the Middle-East, and even the fluctuating dairy pricing at home, are all examples of that. NewZzit reports on international stories impacting New Zealand in this section. But unlike the New Zealand mainstream media, we don't support or endorse an international hierarchy of countries that smells of strong evolutionist bias for achieving Western levels of economic growth as the ultimate goal. Thus, to say that few countries are part of the 1st world and the rest - mainly nation-states in the Pacific, Asia, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe - should still be stigmatized as the 3rd world is clearly wrong. We simply categorize our international stories under the sections - Close to Home, The Developed World, and The Developing World.