Over a cup of tea

William Wordsworth, the famous English poet, once wrote a poem The Rainbow, in which he said, “The child is the father of the man.” And for over a century, critics have debated what exactly he meant by this paradoxical statement. 

In my opinion, Wordsworth is both idealising and idolising childhood here. He is telling us that in children lie the future of human civilization. If we ever hope to solve any of world's problem, the only way is to provide conducive learning environment to world's children. 

This issue of Newzzit is a part of series of issues we will be doing on the aspirations and concerns of children in Singapore and around the world. 

We are also starting an awareness campaign “for chocolate free of child-slavery” from this issue. You will get to read in-depth and detailed stories in subsequent issues, relating to child-slavery in cocoa production prevalent in Western Africa. 

Finally, as part of our photo essay segment, we travel to Yogyakarta this time. Those who haven't been there, I suggest you do at the earliest. 

Here's to investing in our children!