April - Health: Dengue is still a menace

The PM launched a National Dengue Campaign (NDC) with the slogan “Do the Mozzie Wipe Out” on April 28, as the country witnessed a rise in the number of dengue cases and dengue clusters. By the year-end over 22,000 cases were reported with seven patients loosing their lives. 


Dengue headcount: 22318 cases between January 1 and December 31, and seven deaths. The first death occurred in May and seventh in November. To counter the menace, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong launched the NDC.

Under NDC, over 2000 Dengue Prevention Volunteer Group (DPVG) members have been recruited till now, who have organised more than 1000 events to promote dengue awareness in the community. Together with National Environment Agency officers, DPVG members explained to the public dengue-associated risks and precautionary measures through the use of exhibits, educational materials and collaterals.

To further reinforce the campaign message, a dengue prevention skit was conceptualised and rolled out in July 2013 to engage the public through light-hearted performances. The Dengue Information Push Carts, a creativity-infused project involving multi-purpose booths, was subsequently produced and roved to the community. Each of these push carts takes on an all-in-one concept as it showcases the live mosquito exhibit, acts as a game station, screens dengue prevention videos and publicizes relevant social media channels such as the Stop Dengue Now Facebook page,” informs the government's official dengue website.