WTO: Nothing much for Singapore?

The 160-member World Trade Organisation (WTO) reached its first ever worldwide trade reform deal at its 9th ministerial conference in Bali, Indonesia, on December 7. But what's there in it for Singapore is not clear, especially since the country is already negotiating Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal with 11 other nations. 

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Abbott's win not a good news for the “boat people”

Dealing with asylum-seekers coming to Australia by boat was a major issue in the just concluded elections with the out-going Rudd Government putting in place the “Final Solution” in July this year; With Abbott coming to power, “By Boat, No Visa” policy set to get stricter

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Info-graphics on Singapore's arms imports, exports and ownership

After seven long years of negotiations, the United Nations in April this year overwhelmingly adopted the first ever treaty to regulate the US$70 billion global trade in conventional arms such as tanks, warships, attack helicopters, as well as small arms and light weapons (SALWs). Here, we present a few tables to demostrate Singapore's ranking in terms of arms ownership, imports and exports worldwide.

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