Over a cup of tea

At Newzzit, our attempt is to constantly separate news from views and report the significant in a proper context. But everyone has biases and we are no different. This is the space in our newspaper where we talk to our readers over a cup of tea, put forward our views on events of the last two weeks and state our biases upfront. As is our stated heart-felt goal 'Taking journalism back to where it belongs – to the people', even if you don't agree with our views or biases, rest assured, whatever we publish is without fear or favour.

Newzzit's goal is to take journalism back to where it belongs – to the readers. Even the decision to pay for the newspaper is up to our readers. Every issue is priced at one Singapore dollar but the content is not locked. It is for our readers to decide whether they want to read Newzzit for free or pay $1 for it. Our business model is advertisement-free and is solely based on revenue generated by the readership. 

The Fourth Estate

This is Newzzit's take on an event of bygone fortnight that is significant for Singapore. There is a reason why there's a perception of Singapore's media pro-government bias. A survey of 1,092 Singaporeans on political traits and media use by the Institute of Policy Studies in 2011 revealed that about 57% respondents believed that there is too much government control of newspapers and television. To add to it, about 48% noted that these media outlets are biased when they report on Singapore politics, political parties and elections. It is not Newzzit's case to judge, but it's surely our obligation to report.

Majulah Singapura!

Or Onward Singapore. One of the widely-accepted principles of journalism is - identifying community goals, acting as a watchdog to see these goals getting achieved, and pushing powers that be against complacency. Too much of modern-day journalism has come to be about sensationalism and negativity. Newzzit tries to reverse this trend here.


 We cover anything Singaporean under the Sun here. Like the instrument that has mirrors to reflect light and generate colourful patterns, Newzzit does the same. We reflect. 

Close to Home

 The world became a global village in the 21st century. Or so they tell us! Well, certainly it has become interdependent, and Singapore more so. The US sub-prime mortgage crisis of 2008, worsening by the day Eurozone crisis, and even the recent haze crisis closer home, are all examples of that. Newzzit reports on the stories impacting Singapore from ASEAN and other proximate countries in this section. 

The Ɛrd World

Going by its conventionally accepted definition, this section covers stories with a direct or indirect impact on Singapore from the regions of Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, and those developing countries of Asia which are not Close to Home. But, who is to say which country is part of the 1st world and which should still be stigmatised as the 3rd world? Certainly not Newzzit.

The ↾st World

For Singapore, or at least for its leaders, being part of the so-called 1st world has always been very important. Singapore's transformation “from 3rd world to 1st world” is hailed as nothing short of modern miracle. While Newzzit doesn't endorse an international hierarchy of countries that smells of strong evolutionist bias for achieving Western levels of economic growth as the ultimate goal, it certainly reports on the events from these regions impacting Singapore.


This is the newly-introduced web-only space in Newzzit. Our e-newspaper comes out every fortnight and a lot of relevant events happen between each issue, which we feel must reach our readers. Additionally, while doing field reporting, we observe lots of stuff that doesn't necessarily translate into a Newzzit story but is an interesting read nevertheless. In a nutshell, this section is Newzzit's reporter diary.