NZ Collaborations

Podcast: Why Kiwis Need to Look at Arranged Marriages Differently

The Sunday Magazine of The Press published a long-form piece in March this year - Marriage: What's love got to do with it? We compliment the discussion the piece initiated. Forced marriages are a social evil and must be eradicated at all costs. But arranged marriages are not forced marriages. The difference between the two must be established. There must be some reason why modern progressive India has embraced arranged marriages wholeheartedly. 

Video: The issue of network neutrality in NZ

This video is inspired by – Oh, what the heck! Totally copied and lifted, with absolutely no regards to copyright, from - AIB's awesome take on Net Neutrality. All credit goes to them. Newzzit just supports the cause they, and all of us, deeply care about. Please watch their original video here . Also, the music in the background is the wonderful “Hollow Grove (Instrumental Version)” by Josh Woodward, which can be found here . For more information on Network Neutrality in New Zealand, please visit