In response to a blog post on NDTV written by Congress MP Mani Shankar Aiyar titled, Mani-talk: Thank you. And good bye

No “anarchist” please, we are “happy” with our “sahib”

The recent, AAP's two-day dharna, besides the Indian Parliament, has concluded and battle-lines are drawn. Thus, it's time to ponder what really happened in Delhi. A duly-elected Chief Minister leading a minority state government sat in protest against another constitutionally elected central government. Why? The answer differs, depending on one's political allegiances.

Police sign posted at the site of Sunday riot in Little India

A call: Surprisingly, in an incident involving 400 rioters and about 300 police personnel, and as much as 27 arrests, the police is still calling for witnesses 

Already in the election mode?

A poster found in the heartlands nowadays emphasizing that Singapore will be less reliant on foreign workers in future resulting in more jobs and better salaries for Singaporeans  

Has The Strait Times settled the debate on six-month log saga of whether "public bodies" can sue citizens in Singapore 

Crime Alert: in Thai too!

Surprisingly, a recent crime alert posted in Jurong had the notification in Thai too, along with the usual English, Mandarin, Tamil and Bengali

Singh's pertinent points on the state of education system in Singapore are a lone case or indicative of a wide-spread problem?