Payment: nZ$1/per issue

NewZzit's goal is to 'take journalism back to where it belongs – to the readers'. Even the decision to pay for the newspaper is up to our readers. Every issue is priced at one New Zealand dollar but the content is not locked. It is for our readers to decide whether they want to read NewZzit for free or pay NZ$1 for it. Our business model is advertisement and funding-free and is solely based on revenue generated by the readership.

NewZzit is not free. But the content is not locked either. Confused? Let's understand via an analogy. 

Let's assume for a moment that NewZzit is a quality product with very affordable pricing, which people generally like. Now let's say we put 100 hard copies of NewZzit on a table in a busy market-place on a bright sunny morning, with a piggy bank besides it. There is also a placard kept on the same table which says “pick one copy, drop one dollar”. But there is no one manning the table. What do you think will happen?

All of us can agree on one thing. When we return in the evening, all 100 copies would have been taken away. But what about the piggy bank? Will it have 100 dollars or zero? Or something in between? The answer to this is precarious and probably depends on how each one of us perceives the world. 

It is with this philosophy and our perception of the world that we launched NewZzit. So, if you wish to pay for an issue, please click below for a NZ$1 payment, using your PayPal account or credit card.

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